As was said in the first blog  posted I was one of the women who had been date raped in the early 1970’s . If you were living in this time period then you know that rape was never mentioned. People knew it happened but the subject was seldom mentioned.

If  a woman was raped she could go to the police but wasn’t usually believed, if it got to the court system the woman’s past was dredged up, her character was assassinated and generally women were left feeling as they had been on trial.

For the most part women who were raped kept quiet and sucked it up because we were always expected to get over it. I went home that night and told my Mom but begged her not to tell Dad. She reluctantly agreed, I was afraid he wouldn’t believe me. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated.

I think the best thing that happened for women was the Me Too Movement. Well known women started speaking up concerning their own experiences. Then Bill Cosby was accused not necessarily by famous people but everyday people.

Then the floodgates were opened and more male stars were accused of sexually assaulting women (stars). These stars came forward giving other women the courage to speak out. Careers were destroyed rightfully so and many of those accused seemed to believe if they apologized publicly they should be absolved of accountability.

Before I continue with this topic please believe me when I tell you that this does not apply to young people or children. Case in point the young women who were assaulted while training in Gymnastics hoping to go to the Olympics.

Children who are sexually assaulted by family friends or parents. They also have no say, imagine the person you most trust telling you that if you tell anyone they will not love you any more, or being threatened with bodily harm if you tell.

What is true for all victims of sexual assault is they will keep quiet for fear of not being believed or accused of lying and then being punished for lying.

Sexual assault happens to more people than we realize and unlike celebrities we don’t have press conferences to tell our story.  So how do we cope?





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